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4 Key Benefits of Process Analysis in Identity Management

Identity Management implementations are typically thought of as a technology project. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. The broad scope of Identity Management solutions requires business-wide changes to HR processes, security policies, and provisioning processes. They greatly impact how …Read More


7 Things that Successful Process Mapping Should Reveal

Onboarding workers is one of the most complex processes that impact Identity Management implementations and the end-user experience. Completing the hiring process, creating the user’s IT accounts, setting up payroll and benefits, issuing security badges, and building a workstation are …Read More


How to Connect HR Processes to Identity Management, Part 1

In our previous blog Connecting Human Resource Process and Data to Identity Management, we outlined the fundamental principles of creating a smooth on/off-boarding process for employees and contractors. Wasteful and inefficient on-boarding processes cost companies time, effort, and money. They …Read More


Taking the Chaos Out of Access Control

Access security can feel like chaos. To help bring some control to the chaos, Jerry Combs, Principal Identity Architect at Idenhaus Consulting, and Kent Purdy, Solutions Marketing Manager at NetIQ, joined forces to discuss pressing access management challenges facing organizations …Read More


The Secret of Successful Vulnerability Management Programs

In the complex world of cybersecurity, a formal vulnerability management program is increasingly used to identify, communicate, and remediate key vulnerabilities across a wide range of facilities from office complexes to manufacturing plants. Vulnerability management is an old concept with …Read More


A Fresh Approach to Cybersecurity, Part 3

This series, What is Cybersecurity?, outlines the basic tenets of how the three areas of the cybersecurity triangle may be implemented by an organization. The cybersecurity triangle (people, process, technology) has been the focus of the series, as it provides …Read More