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An IAM Assessment identifies and addresses the most common issues organizations face when implementing a solution.

An IAM Assessment is ideal for:

  • Companies that want to accelerate their IAM programs 
  • Companies struggling to align their processes and technology

  • Companies with IAM solutions that are not delivering enough value to the business

  • Organizations that have a misalignment between the business and IT

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Identity & Access Management Challenges

Identity Management (IAM) is extremely powerful, but it requires careful coordination with HR data and processes, intimate knowledge of business applications and systems, as well as coding and configuring IAM connectors. 

Organizational friction and technical hurdles impede implementation and stop companies from getting to a successful deployment the first time. 

An IAM Assessment and Roadmap is the first step to overcoming these obstacles by identifying key requirements early, developing stakeholder buy-in, and defining a strategic implementation plan that lays out the program dependencies, resourcing, and timelines. 

An IAM Assessment helps identify and address some of the most common challenges organizations face when implementing a solution.

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IAM Assessment

Why an IAM Assessment is the Secret to Success

The first step towards a successful IAM implementation is a comprehensive IAM Assessment.  Identity & Access Management (IAM) solutions are valuable tools for automating routine administrative IT tasks, enhancing security, and managing cybersecurity risk. However, simply

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