Organizations are confronting increasingly sophisticated and unrelenting cyber threats from entities that are intent on finding and exploiting vulnerable targets.

Because time is of the essence, Idenhaus’ experts go to work immediately to solve your most challenging cybersecurity problems and help you answer key questions about your level of preparedness. For example:

  • Do you understand the impact to your business and customers if sensitive data is breached?
  • Are you using effective tools to monitor data use and enforce security policy?
  • Have you implemented a training program to educate your employees, contractors, and partners on cybersecurity?

We also lower project costs by identifying the most effective IT spend to address your organization’s most critical cyber threats with appropriate countermeasures.

Contact us to learn how we can help you improve your security profile and approach to risk management.

Don’t give hackers free reign to pillage your information and assets.

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243 days
Average time attackers spend on your network from when they first breach your systems to their discovery
of organizations view cyber attacks as one of the
Top 3
threats to their business

We’ll quickly help identify and address your cyber risk.

PHASE ONE: Discovery and Assessment

For many clients, this phase is an “A-ha” moment. In short order we provide valuable insight with an in-depth overview of your current security policies, programs, and procedures. Our holistic approach looks at your operational, physical, and industrial infrastructure.
  • Risk Management and Oversight
  • Incident Response
  • Threat Intelligence and Collaboration
  • Legacy System Evaluation
  • Technological Cybersecurity Controls
  • Procedural Cybersecurity Controls
  • Personnel Skills Evaluations
  • Initial Cyber Assessment using appropriate framework (NIST, ISO 27001, CIS Critical Security Controls)
  • Periodic assessments to monitor environment and support maturity of security capabilities

PHASE TWO: Analysis and Recommendations

Our Security Roadmap defines a set of individual projects that will help you get from our current security environment to your desired future state – as soon as possible.
  • Business Impact Profile (Key Business Concerns)
  • Cyber Security Assessment (Policies, Programs, Procedures, and Technology)
  • Risk Management Strategies
  • Cloud & Mobile Security Strategy
  • Solution Architecture and Technology Options
  • Develop Training Strategy and Security Awareness Program

PHASE THREE: Resource Planning and Implementation

After addressing the what and why, the resource planning and implementation stage addresses the who, when, and how. We help you avoid the most common mistakes and achieve implementation success – the first time.
  • Resource Plan – Determine the mix of internal and external resources required to deliver the work
  • Budget – Cost estimates and project business case
  • Timeline – Develop project plan and identify critical dependencies between projects
  • Actionable Plan to address issues

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