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Banking and Financial Service Risk

The evolution of cyber threats is a major concern for the financial services industry which includes banking, insurance, risk, wealth and asset management. It’s important to understand these risks in order to provide security and protection of the client’s financial data. The financial service industry needs to be more meticulous in terms of data protection and IAM is well positioned to provide the protection and security needed to safeguard your assets.

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Identity Management-Role Based Access Control Best Practices

Join Idenhaus as we share best practices when implementing Role Based Access Control (RBAC) to help you keep your project on track and deliver the results you expect. You will learn how to deliver more value to the business.

Financial Service Industry Embraces Role Based Access Control

IAM Benefits for Financial Service Organizations

 Take Control & Gain Visibility Into
User Actions with User Management &
Customer Entitlements

Provide additional security factors in
logical access to financial systems while
simultaneously reducing the friction of
the login process for the end user.

Strengthen Security &
Control Vendor Access with
Multi-Factor Authentication &
Federated Identity.

Ensure access is provided
according to federal and
organizational policy while
maximizing efficiency.

Increase Productivity & Lower IT Expense with Single Sign-On (SSO)

Ensure that the primary revenue generators in healthcare have access to precisely what they need.

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IAM Assessments are designed to help you assess your organization’s current state and develop strategies required for success in implementing an enterprise IAM solution. Our assessments are facilitated by highly experienced management consultants in partnership with outstanding technical resources to provide a comprehensive assessment and action plan. 

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