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Preventing Business Email Compromise

Preventing Business Email Compromise

Learn more about this threat from Derek Johnson Director, Security from OnSolve, and how to protect yourself and your organization from Business Email Compromise.

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iam assessments define your path to success

How IAM Assessments Define Your Path to Success Webinar

In this webinar, you will learn how an IAM Assessment and Solution Roadmap can help your organization effectively plan for change so you can achieve ongoing excellence with your IAM program.

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learning about policy based access control (pbac)

Learning about Policy Based Access Control (PBAC)

In this webinar, Ron Bowron (Idenhaus) and Mike Morley (PlainID) walk through the basics of Policy Based Access Control (PBAC).

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Unlocking the Benefits of an Identity Management (IAM) Roadmap Webinar

Unlocking the Benefits of an Identity Management (IAM) Roadmap

Join Idenhaus to learn how to evaluate the needs of your organization (people, process, technology) and the steps you can take to build a comprehensive, convincing IAM Roadmap to guide key stakeholders at your company from concept to reality.

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identity automation or governance

Which Comes First: Identity Automation or Governance?

When getting started with IAM, companies will need to decide whether to begin with identity automation or governance first. This webinar will explore both approaches and make a case for which should come first.

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secure funding for your identity management program

How To Secure Funding for your Identity Management Program

If you are interested in securing IAM funding, this webinar is a great opportunity to get an experienced perspective and to get your questions answered.

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Global Brand Succeeds with Idenhaus

Global Brand Succeeds with IAM Strategy

A global beverage company had a complex architecture with security vulnerabilities that required a large number of IT staff to manage. Idenhaus conducted a detailed analysis of the user lifecycle and processes, existing IT systems, standards, and policies.

Idenhaus-Case Study-Bell-Powers-Ahead-IAM-Assessment

Bell Powers Ahead with IGA Assessment and Roadmap

Bell Textron, Inc needed a new approach to mature its IGA framework to improve efficiency and support its security objectives. The IGA assessment provided strong evidence that Bell’s legacy systems and processes were due for an overhaul.

Bell Identity Management

Bell Takes Off with Identity Management (IGA)

Bell Textron, Inc. was challenged with selecting and implementing a modern IAM solution to provide new security capabilities and retire its legacy systems. This effort started with a review and re-design of Bell’s business process to provision users more effectively while supporting a sophisticated security model.

Idenhaus Case Study Cybersecurity Assessment

FPS Forges New Defenses with Cybersecurity Assessment

As company growth accelerated, Fire Protection Services (FPS) needed to assess their current operations and develop a strategic approach to maturing their cybersecurity posture. The objective of this cybersecurity assessment was to identify vulnerabilities, proactively address issues, and make FPS a ‘hard target’ that was unattractive to hackers. 

Major Hospital Embraces RBAC

Major Hospital Embraces Role Based Access Control

A large mid-western hospital group had grown by acquisition and integration of new facilities. The resulting complex structure of hospitals, medical schools, and clinics has created a difficult environment for managing identities and access to critical clinical systems.

Project N95 Achieves NIST 800-171 Compliance

Project N95 needed an experienced partner to help implement the NIST SP 800-171 security framework, including defining and documenting policies, procedures, and plans. Given the strategic importance of establishing compliance, Project N95 chose to move forward with Idenhaus to lead the company through the compliance process. This engagement delivered Policy and Standards specifically mapped to the NIST SP 800-171 requirements.

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