Hospital and Healthcare Identity Management Services

Hospital and Healthcare Risks

In 2018, the healthcare sector saw 15 million patient records compromised, three times the amount seen in 2017. According to the Protenus Breach Barometer, this resulted in millions of dollars in fines and HIPPA settlements. Most often, the cyberattack is launched by its employees and associates. IAM provides top-notch security for hospital and healthcare organizations and grants least privilege permissions to help prevent leaks altogether.

Major Hospital Embraces Role Based Access Control

Download the Case Study

Download the case study to see how Idenhaus uses Role based
Access Control to improve security and efficiency for
hospital and healthcare organizations.

IAM Benefits for Hospital and Healthcare Organizations

 Take Control & Gain Visibility Into
User Actions with User Management &
Customer Entitlements

Provide additional security factors in
logical access to clinical systems while
simultaneously reducing the friction of
the login process for the end user.

Strengthen Security &
Control Vendor Access with
Multi-Factor Authentication &
Federated Identity.

Ensure access is provided
according to federal and
organizational policy while
maximizing efficiency.

Increase Productivity & Lower IT Expense with Single Sign-On (SSO)

Ensure that the primary revenue generators in healthcare have access to precisely what they need.

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Healthcare IAM Strategy

Identity and Access Management Strategy

Most organizations approach identity management projects tactically, rather than stepping back and determining a course of action that will solve enterprise-wide issues. Starting with a tactical approach is both short-sighted and high risk, leading to failed projects, unnecessary expense, and the delay of beneficial results. A cohesive Identity Management strategy provides a context for individual projects (e.g. user provisioning, directory consolidation), which will then be seen as a supporting element of a unified plan that has impact at an enterprise level.

Key Activities/Deliverables:

  • Conduct business & technical stakeholder interviews
  • Identify & prioritize all identified IDM opportunities
  • Create phased approach to implement opportunities
  • Develop IAM solution Roadmap
  • Build IAM business case
  • Present IAM strategy & High-level Roadmap to leadership

IAM Healthcare Roadmap

An IAM Roadmap is developed in collaboration with the client based on current state and the desired end state. This engagement is a lightweight version of a Strategy engagement and will provide high-level recommendations around IAM systems/architecture and existing provisioning processes. Lastly, the Roadmap engagement will define a high level plan for implementing short, mid, and long term IAM components that addresses both tactical and strategic objectives.

  • Conduct interviews with a small group of stakeholders
  • Identify & prioritize key IAM opportunities
  • Create phased approach to implement key IAM opportunities
  • Develop & Present Roadmap to leadership
  • Product evaluation / recommendation
IAM Roadmap

IAM Architecture & Design

We have experienced consultants who have helped many customers define the right architecture for their organizational needs. We will work with you to understand your requirements and define the necessary hardware, software, security, networking, and resourcing to build and operate your IAM solution effectively

Schedule Your IAM Assessment

IAM Assessments are designed to help you assess your organization’s current state and develop strategies required for success in implementing an enterprise IAM solution. Our assessments are facilitated by highly experienced management consultants in partnership with outstanding technical resources to provide a comprehensive assessment and action plan. 

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