How IAM Assessments Define Your Path to Success Webinar

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Ronald Bowron – Director IGA/IAM Services
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Runtime: 00:30:50
Published: September 28, 2020

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In today’s turbulent business environment, an organization’s ability to respond to change is critical to ongoing success. Shifting economic conditions and disruptive technologies create new opportunities and threats that challenge the organization to better manage security risks, improve processes, and support the end-user experience. IT Executives and other business leaders are responsible for guiding their organizations through these changes with new IAM strategies that directly affect employees, their access, and how risk is managed. Business leaders need to set direction and provide a clear path to meeting IT goals that align with evolving business strategies.
  • What steps should you take to help ensure ongoing alignment?
  • Will you need to automate more user management functions or support additional integrations?
  • Will you need to rethink your system deployment method?
  • Will you need training and communications to mangae change and drive user adoption?
  • How will emerging or new standards and regulations impact your existing framework?
In this webinar, you will learn how an IAM Assessment and Solution Roadmap can help your organization effectively plan for change so you can achieve ongoing excellence with your IAM program.

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