How To Secure Funding for your Identity Management Program

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Hanno Ekdahl – Founder & CEO, Idenhaus
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Runtime: 00:29:03
Published: May 4, 2020

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One challenge almost all IT organizations face is how to get funding to build and mature their Identity Management (IAM) solution. While the technical ins and outs are well understood by IT departments, there is often a gap communicating the promise of IAM to business stakeholders in terms that are compelling. If you are new to getting an IAM program funded, you may not feel comfortable talking to executives about the value the program brings to the organization. You may even think that a single meeting with your executive team will be enough to pitch the idea and get your budget approved on the spot. Time for a reality check! In this webinar, Hanno Ekdahl, Founder of Idenhaus Consulting, will take you through the essentials of the ‘fundraising process’. If you are interested in securing IAM funding, this webinar is a great opportunity to get an experienced perspective and to get your questions answered.

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