Successfully Integrating HR Processes with IAM

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Hanno Ekdahl – Founder & CEO, Idenhaus and Ronald Bowron – Director IGA/IAM Services
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Published: October 26, 2018

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In most organizations, the relationship between the IT department and the business at large is often fraught. Historically, the blame for the poor alignment between the business and IT has been borne by IT alone. IT departments are often treated as an almost separate entity that speaks the language of tech and doesn’t quite get business. These organizational and lexical challenges drive business executives to argue that IT implementations generally fail to serve the strategic needs of the business if they are delivered at all. From the perspective of the IT department, the business appears to be naïve and over-ambitious, launching into ill-conceived projects with limited budgets that reflect little appreciation for the complexities of the underlying IT requirements. The tension in this relationship has fostered a good deal of mutual distrust, however, there is an opportunity with Identity Management to build a bridge to the business and deliver tangible value to the organization. Managing the identities in your organization –employees, contractors, suppliers, vendors, partners, and customers –more efficiently increases productivity and makes everyone’s lives easier. Unlike other areas of security, Identity and Access Management (IAM) focuses on provisioning and managing user permissions across a broad range of applications across the enterprise, which makes a successful IAM implementation profoundly impactful. IAM deployments can be complicated, involving people, processes, and technology across the entire business. Join Hanno Ekdahl, founder of Idenhaus Consulting, and get answers and expert insight into key topics like:
    • Process Challenges in IAM Deployments
    • Poor Business Processes
    • Bad Source Data
    • Inconsistent User Lifecycles
    • Process dependencies
    • Deploying IAM Solutions
    • How to conduct a successful assessment of your processes
    • Identifying process gaps and avoiding common pitfalls
    • Best practices in process alignment for a successful IAM deployment
    • Open Q&A

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