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Which RBAC Approach Is Better: Top-Down or Bottom-Up?

Role Based Access Control (RBAC) projects are generally organized in one of two RBAC approaches: top-down (start with the business roles) or bottom-up (start with the user data and technical roles) and use that information to work up to insights. …Read More

RBAC Approach

3 Most Popular Identity Management Articles

Identity Management is often approached as a pure technology play, which is why more than half of all IAM projects fail the first time. All too often companies select a technology and begin implementation. However, the reality is that a successful …Read More


Taking the Chaos Out of Access Control

Access security can feel like chaos. To help bring some control to the chaos, Jerry Combs, Principal Identity Architect at Idenhaus Consulting, and Kent Purdy, Solutions Marketing Manager at NetIQ, joined forces to discuss pressing access management challenges facing organizations …Read More