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Successfully Integrating HR Processes with IAM

IAM deployments can be complicated, involving people, processes, and technology across the entire business. Get expert insight on the best practices in process alignment for a successful IAM deployment.

Overcoming Data Quality Challenges in IAM

Many organizations experience the hidden costs of low-quality user data, which makes automating routine Identity Management and provisioning tasks difficult and drives unnecessary operational and support costs. 

Identity and Access Management: Project Challenges and Recovery

This educational session will provide a high-level overview of core Identity Management functionality. It introduces concepts such as provisioning, self-service, business workflow integration, and resource connection.

Idenhaus Case Studies

Global Brand Succeeds with Identity Management Strategy

A global beverage company had a complex architecture with security vulnerabilities that required a large number of IT staff to manage. Idenhaus conducted a detailed analysis of the user lifecycle and processes, existing IT systems, standards, and policies. We compared the current environment to the desired end state – a single, central Identity Store to manage all users across enterprise systems – and developed a phased, strategic approach for a new identity infrastructure.

Major Hospital Embraces Role Based Access Control

A large mid-western hospital group had grown by acquisition and integration of new facilities. The resulting complex structure of hospitals, medical schools, and clinics has created a difficult environment for managing identities and access to critical clinical systems. Requesting and fulfilling access requests for critical roles is time-consuming manual work. Role Based Access Control (RBAC) offered a framework to improve user access management efficiency and effectiveness.

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