Informative Cybersecurity Articles for Identity Management Professionals

International Law, Banks, and Employee Security headline this week’s digest of articles for Identity Management Professionals.

Identity Management Professionals

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Informative Cybersecurity Articles for Identity Management Professionals, May 2021


Stay Ahead of Hackers with User Access Reviews – Part 1 via Idenhaus

Access reviews should be run on the assumption that everyone is a potential threat and because of that, they should only be granted the permissions they need to complete their job function.


Tech Leaders Share 12 Helpful Habits Of Top-Performing Developers via Forbes

Read Hanno Ekdahl’s answer as featured in Forbes online. Tech leaders weighing in on the top 12 habits of top-performing developers.


3 Priority Cybersecurity Actions for Banks via Banking Exchange

Many financial services institutions are under-equipped to respond effectively to an attack and prevent fraud. A BAI survey of financial services leaders found that nearly one in four believe the greatest fraud risk is hacking and potential access to account information, credit card databases and other sensitive information.


Current International Law Is Not an Adequate Regime for Cyberspace via LawFareBlog

States increasingly agree that international law, specifically the U.N. Charter and rules of customary international law (CIL) derived from the charter’s principles, applies to cyberspace. Yet both are a poor fit for cyber activities.


Workforce Cyber Intelligence 103: The Importance of User Privacy & Trust via Security Boulevard

To keep things transparent, employers should inform employees directly of any security monitoring – explaining the technology, what data is collected and why, how it works, and what’s not being monitored.


Google’s Grand Plan to Eradicate Cookies Is Crumbling via Wired

Google has been trialling new browser-based tech in Chrome that could upend the global advertising industry. Most people involved in the trial probably don’t even realize it—but as the project gathers pace, critical voices are raising the alarm.


CISA & NIST: Defending Against Software Supply Chain Attacks via CISA

The Defending Against Software Supply Chain Attacks, released by CISA and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), provides an overview of software supply chain risks and recommendations on how software customers and vendors can use the NIST Cyber Supply Chain Risk Management (C-SCRM) Framework and the Secure Software Development Framework (SSDF) to identify, assess, and mitigate software supply chain risks.


3 Reasons your Organization Should Adopt Identity Management in 2021 via Idenhaus

In this post, we discuss 3 reasons your organization should adopt a robust identity management program in 2021.


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