Overcoming Data Quality Challenges in IAM

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Hanno Ekdahl – Founder & CEO, Idenhaus and Ronald Bowron – Director IGA/IAM Services
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Runtime: 00:58:21
Published: July 27, 2018

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Many organizations experience the hidden costs of low-quality user data, which makes automating routine Identity Management and provisioning tasks difficult and drives unnecessary operational and support costs.

During this webinar, we will walk through mini-case studies that showcase common problems, identify root causes, and provide recommendations to improve data quality and drive new results from your existing IAM systems.

We will discuss:

  • The impact of poor data quality and common causes
  • The importance of developing a Data Map to determine attribute flow across systems to mitigate problems
  • Prioritizing user attributes and defining a minimum data set
  • Understanding the role that process plays in either supporting or degrading data quality
  • Having systems trap for incorrect or incomplete user data automatically
  • Linking data remediation activities to the Governance model within your organization

    This webinar will also be interesting for you if you already running an IAM solution and are having to implement workarounds to manage the impacts.

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