Overcoming Data Quality Challenges in IAM

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Hanno Ekdahl – Founder & CEO, Idenhaus and Ronald Bowron – Director IGA/IAM Services
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Runtime: 00:58:21
Published: July 27, 2018

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Many organizations experience the hidden costs of low-quality user data, which makes automating routine Identity Management and provisioning tasks difficult and drives unnecessary operational and support costs. During this webinar, we will walk through mini-case studies that showcase common problems, identify root causes, and provide recommendations to improve data quality and drive new results from your existing IAM systems. We will discuss:
  • The impact of poor data quality and common causes
  • The importance of developing a Data Map to determine attribute flow across systems to mitigate problems
  • Prioritizing user attributes and defining a minimum data set
  • Understanding the role that process plays in either supporting or degrading data quality
  • Having systems trap for incorrect or incomplete user data automatically
  • Linking data remediation activities to the Governance model within your organization

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