Secure Funding for Your Identity Management Program

Time is a scarce resource for the C-Suite. IAM Roadmaps make the most of this time by providing the content that executives appreciate the most.

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IAM Roadmap

IAM Roadmaps define a high-level plan for implementing short, mid, and long term IAM components that addresses both tactical and strategic objectives.

  • Conduct interviews with key stakeholders
  • Identify & prioritize key IAM opportunities
  • Create phased approach to implement key IAM opportunities
  • Develop & present IAM roadmap to leadership
  • Product evaluation / recommendation

IAM Roadmaps are Ideal for:

  • Companies that are having difficulty getting executive support for their programs
  • Companies looking to get alignment between business and IT to move forward
  • Companies that are just getting started and are not sure how to structure their programs
  • Companies that have an existing program and need to plan the next 12 to 14 months of work

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