Core Identity & Access Management Use Cases

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Here is a reference list of common Identity Management Use Cases:

Create User

  • Initial Population of Users in ID Store (Data seeding for existing users)
  • New Employee Hire through Automated HR Feed
  • New contractor hire (workflow, database, or system feed)

Modify User

  • Transfer to Another Department
  • Organizational Info Change (Manager, Department, Job Code, etc.)
  • End User Name Change*


  • Approval Workflow
  • Delegated administration
  • Assign Proxy
  • Request System/Application Access
  • Workflow Management
  • Password Self-Service & Challenge Response Questions

Terminate User

  • Terminate employee from HR Feed
  • Emergency employee termination (Admin initiated)
  • Terminate contractor (workflow or database)
  • Terminate vendor (workflow)

External User Registration

  • New vendor identity (registration workflow, database)
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