Reducing Organization's Legal Exposure

Reducing An Organization’s Legal Exposure After a Cyber Breach

Post Breach Denial Increases an Organization’s Legal Exposure How can you reduce an organization’s legal exposure immediately following a data breach? Cybersecurity events like data breaches make headlines regularly and cost businesses millions in fines and lawsuits. Breach announcements topple executives, destroy shareholder confidence, push customers away, invite regulatory scrutiny, and inflict lasting damage to organizations. Right after

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Fresh Fall Article Roundup for IAM Professionals

This week, we explore the latest installment of our Pre-Breach mistakes series, discuss the state of data privacy in the US (and why it matters), as well as the usual updates for ransomware, malware, and other threat actor attacks… As always, Idenhaus is helping to keep you up to date. Thanks for checking out our

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Fall into Healthcare Articles for IAM Professionals

This week, among our updates on cybersecurity challenges and attacks over the past few months, we explore crisis management for hospitals, the pervasive issues with cybersecurity insurance, and the last installment of our Pre-Breach Mistakes series. Stay up to date with Idenhaus, not only in your inbox but in your organization.  Thank you for checking

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Identity and Access Management Articles

6 Intriguing Reads for Identity Management and Cybersecurity

With cybersecurity in the news so much, it can be difficult to stay updated. Read about the latest ransomware attempts to target disgruntled employees, the SEC files charges for companies not adhering to cybersecurity disclosures and more in this collection of articles.  Thanks for checking out our biweekly digest of articles for Identity Management Professionals. Click

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Healthcare Biweekly Article Roundup

7 Fascinating Reads for Healthcare IAM Professionals

This week, we explore updates to the healthcare cybersecurity world. From the ongoing ransomware issues that plague both healthcare operators and medical device creators, to the new culture of cybersecurity in healthcare employees and how to foster an even more secure workplace.   Thank you for checking out our biweekly digest of articles for healthcare IAM

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Common Pre-Breach Mistakes

Mistakes Made Prior to Cybersecurity Breaches, Part Four

Fourth Mistake: Poor Incident Response Planning For most organizations, the term “incident response plan” can cover a lot of ground. A proper incident response plan (IRP) determines who is responsible for what areas of the organization both during and after an ‘incident’. Too often we find organizations who have not properly implemented a plan for

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August Articles for IAM Professionals

Ransomware and other threats are still on the rise in 2021, take a look at the fallout of Amazon’s surveillance, and remember that updating your software – and your information security policy – is important to your organization’s continued IT security.  Thanks for checking out our biweekly digest of articles for Identity Management Professionals. Click here

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